Peristaltic Pump
  1. Peristaltic Pump



No cross - Contamination - Flow up to 4.2 L/min - Accuracy± 1% - Fast conversion to different products - No drip function - No pulse filling

The equipment is made of stainless steel and aluminum alloy, driven by stepper or servo motor, multiple sets of parameter memory, and the product is delivered in a pulse-free manner. It is suitable for the supply of vaccines, cellular tissues and other types of liquids (non-sticky).

Our peristaltic pump provides precise filling, and because of its sterility, flexibility and ease of cleaning, it has become the most popular filling system in the pharmaceutical and food industry in a short period of time, as the product only contacts the peristaltic tube and the filling needle and can be avoided Its cross-contamination.

Use standard components that are widely used in the market. Components such as motors, man-machine interfaces or PLC controllers are easy to find and replace in any geographical area and are therefore easy to maintain.

It can work independently or integrated into industrial
filling machines.

Adjustable parameters:
Filling amount.
Motor acceleration and deceleration kinematics control.
Filling interval
Calibration parameter

Optional accessories

Stuffing needle
Foot switch
Nozzle support and peristaltic tubes